The microcontroller is translating the ascii sent from the ELM into raw byte data. Pages of data are being stored and sent correctly. Other than last week's O2 issues, there are two problems. First off, the simulator doesn't want to display the given VIN, which may be related to the O2 issue. Secondly, the ELM often receives errors and quits working when trying to send data through the bluetooth module. This is most clearly seen when forwarding all bytes from the ELM through the bluetooth module. I'm currently working on this second issue. - Chris (5/24/10)

PCB has arrived, but I was unable to pick it up today. I will do so tomorrow. -Ben (5/24/10)

Picked up PCB, assembled, and fixed the errors. All the lights are flashing correctly and it seems to be functioning properly. I still need to print the case. -Ben (5/25/10)

We did an initial test with Mike. We were able to collect data with the car sitting still, but unfortunately a flat tire prevented us from doing a road test. When we tried it later I was not able to get any data. -Ben (5/27/10)

Fixed the "need to reset after plugging in" issue we've had with the PCB. Fixed several other small random issues. Also, tested data storage through power cycles and found it to be working correctly. Microcontroller software seems pretty much done at this point. Will test once more tomorrow to make sure things still work. - Chris (5/27/10) Finished enclosure design last night and it is printing now. It will finish this evening. I am going to do final assembly and testing tomorrow, so hopefully we will have some data by tomorrow evening. -Ben (5/29/10)

For the android app this week, I added a live data feed page to the android app that show data as it is received from the device. I also started talking with Brent about implementing a RESTful interface between the android app and app engine since app engine does not support FTP. There was a bug in the code that automatically connected to the device when more than one devices were paired to the phone. I fixed this bug and now the app connects properly when there are multiple devices available. When we tried to get some data with Mike's car, there was a bug in the app in the way that if buffered data that it recieved from the device. I fixed that and we were able to get real, valid data from a car for the first time! Although, we noticed that Mike's car had a flat, so we didn't actually drive anywhere. -David