Finished rough draft of brochure and sent it to Mike so he can look it over before our meeting tomorrow. -Ben (4/26/10)

Chris and I resolved software issue that was preventing communication between the ATmega and ELM. -Ben (4/27/10)

Bluetooth communication is completely interrupt driven. The ATmega begins sending when it receives a send signal, and terminates transmission with an end signal after sending all stored data. -Chris (4/28/10)

Recieved brochure from Mike and got it printed. Made icon for website and emailed to Shwetak. -Ben (4/28/10)

I can successfully reset the ELM using the ATmega, so the communication is working. However, I am not getting any indication that the ELM is connecting to the simulator. I am going to try plugging into a car to see if I can get anything. -Ben (4/29/10)

Programming has begun on the memory module, including devising of ways to structure the data. Allowing for car-switching flexibility, we should be able to buffer 12.5 hours worth of data in the hardware. -Chris (4/30/10)

The Android app runs a service in the background the automatically connects and polls for data independantly from the main Activity. The background service can be configured by the user to be started manually, or automatically at boot. I also started a Settings page for the app, which will let the user configure settings like username and password for the webapp. -David

I defined the data objects that we will need to store and access for our web portal. The data hierarchy is User > Trip > DataPoint. I'm currently operating under the assumption that AppEngine will provide powerful enough database storage that we do not have to be overly concerned with performance. As such I have designed some redundancy in our data model. Eg. a User object contains a list of Trips, but Trips contain the User that owns them. The advantage of this is the convenience of letting data flow in either direction. I created an svn repo on our web space on attu, so everyone can view this code. Mostly I expect this will be useful to coordinate with the Android development on David's end. I created content-less web layout pages. And I finished the Google AppEngine's tutorial on AppEngine/jsp/JDOQL. The end product of this tutorial can serve as a starting point for our application. -Brent