Smart:Drive Project

For Smart:Drive Group of the UW 477 capstone class of Spring 2010 to post news, updates, and documents.

Data Sheets

Android App

Project Photos

Schematic murano chandelier




car games

paint games


We will be collecting the following metrics from the OBD-II port:

  1. VIN #
  2. Vehicle speed every second
  3. Engine speed (RPM) every second
  4. Air Flow Rate every second
  5. Coolant Temperature every second
  6. Short Term Fuel Trim (B1)
  7. Short Term Fuel Trim (B2)
  8. Long Term Fuel Trim (B1)
  9. Long Term Fuel Trim (B2)
  10. O2 Sensor Voltage (B1, S1)
  11. O2 Sensor Voltage (B1, S2)
  12. O2 Sensor Voltage (B2, S1)
  13. O2 Sensor Voltage (B2, S2)
  14. Intake Manifold Pressure
  15. Intake Air Temp.
  16. Fuel Pressure
  17. Engine Load

We will also be collecting 3-axis accelerometer data.

Task ListEdit

Week 1

  • Form group
  • Decide on project
  • Create presentation
  • Report

Week 2

  • Research data transmission methods
  • Finalize design
  • Research Google Apps
  • Look into Android dev
  • Report

Week 3

  • Put together parts list and order
  • Link to Data Sheets
  • Discuss data formats
  • Decide on store and batch or live transmission
  • Report

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

  • Schematic
  • PCB layout
  • Troubleshoot CAN communication
  • Wire memory
  • Report

Week 7

  • Order PCB
  • Order surface mount components
  • Report

Week 8

  • Design case
  • Resolve memory issues
  • Report

Week 9

  • Receive PCB
  • Solder components
  • Print case
  • Collect data
  • Start working on presentation
  • Report

Week 10

  • Collect data
  • Finish website
  • Debug
  • Presentation
  • Report

Latest activityEdit

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